Scripture Meditations - The Day Lucifer Became Satan

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The scriptures make it clear that we are to meditate upon the word of God and the works of God. It is certainly true that simply reading the Bible has never spiritually enlightened anyone. Only in meditation is one truly seeking God and finding Him. However, there are some passages that appear to have been robbed of sufficient words to make meditation on the word possible. Take the book of Genesis for instance. "In the beginning..." What beginning is Moses writing about? "The earth was without form and void..." What does this mean? "There was light" Where did the light come from and what was it like?

One day I will see Moses and ask, "Moses, you met with the Lord daily in the Tent of Meeting and He must have given you the story of creation. Why did you not ask more questions?" Because of this lack of information in Genesis, information found elsewhere in the Bible can throw some light on this book. When I meditate on the days of creation I see events far more stupendous that what has been written by Moses. Here is what I see! Could it have happened this way? Well...could it?

In the beginning

In the great realm of forever called eternity God resolved to create something where nothing but vast darkness existed. This darkness was empty, a formless waste, overshadowing pitch-black water in a space far away from heaven. God saw that the darkness was not good and His command went forth like rolling thunder, "Bring forth light!"

At God's command a powerful angel bolted from heaven like a great falling star piercing deep into the darkness with such force that a great explosion of light illuminated the darkness creating giant plumes of gold, red, orange and purple colors streaking high to the very edges of heaven and then settling like beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the darkness, covering it like a garment. The water which had been under the darkness came alive reflecting the vivid colors that were exploding in space. Other colors like the colors in a rainbow rippled across the face of the deep like waves. This event of giant bursts of light and color illuminating the darkness was so magnificent and so breathtaking that the host in heaven broke forth in song and shouts of praises.

God saw that this light was good and extolled this angel of light before the host in heaven and anointed him, giving him the names of light-bearer, shining one, and star of the morning, which has been translated, "Lucifer". God then set Lucifer over His creation to be its light. God called this marvelous intrusion of light, day and He separated the light from the darkness calling the light morning, naming it after Lucifer, the "star of the morning". He called the darkness night and this event of separating the darkness from the light He called the first day because it was the first time light overcame the darkness in His miraculous creation.

Lucifer became greatly admired by all the host of heaven because of this. He was full of wisdom and perfect in beauty and blameless in all his ways until a time came when iniquity was found in him. Pride entered his heart because of his beauty and his great wisdom became corrupted and he thought, "I will ascend to the throne of God and I will be like God." It was on the third event, or third day, of God's creation, when God created plants and vegetation on earth to be warmed and nourished by the light of Lucifer, that God saw how Lucifer's wisdom had been corrupted. He beheld Lucifer seeking to elevate himself to be worshipped in the place of God--and God recognized him as His adversary.

"How you have fallen from heaven O light bringer..." (Isaiah 14:12, Amp)

God told Lucifer that his heavenly given light would be turned into darkness because his wisdom had been corrupted and his heart was full of darkness. God then told him that he would no longer be called Lucifer, the anointed cherub that covered darkness, but he would henceforth be an adversary of God, and be called Satan and his kingdom would be a kingdom of darkness. God then created other lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate day from night and to warm and nourish the earth, plants and vegetation, and to mark the seasons, days and years. He called the greater light the sun. The lesser lights, the moon and stars, He set in the heavens of night to give light in the darkness. This event, known to God as the fourth evening and morning of His creation marked the beginning (first day) of time as we know it and an "age of time" as Satan knows it.

God then informed Satan that as long as the sun, moon and stars existed he would be permitted to exercise his will in opposition to God's divine will to demonstrate whose will was greater and more desirable. This test of wills would last for an age, known to God and Satan as this present age, and they would be played out before principalities and powers in heavenly places so that all might know the unsearchable wisdom, goodness and power of God and the evil and suffering coming forth from the corrupted wisdom, evil and power of Satan.

The beginning of time

It was on this fourth day (or fourth event), in God's creation that the first day of time as we know it began. We can assume that this time exists primarily for Satan and his angels to understand that they had only a limited time to test their will against God's will. The creation of mankind on the second day after time began (the sixth day of God's creation) was God's last creative work before He rested from all His works. The measurement of time for humans has a different function and meaning than it does for Satan and his angels. Men and women are only on this earth for a moment in this great age of time. Like a shadow that quickly disappears, so does man. Even though he is here today and gone tomorrow his days can be full of sorrow because of Satan and yet he knows that God has declared that the time will come when Satan and time will be no more. It is this hope that inspires generation after generation to turn those on earth from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God.

When the sun is darkened and the moon no longer gives her light and the stars fall from heaven and the sky is rolled up like a scroll, Satan will know that his time is short. This present age will come to an end and time will be no more. A new heaven and a new earth will descend from heaven and there will no longer be any darkness of night because the Lord God will give them illumination and those who dwell there will live forever and ever.

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